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an ancient sculpture depicting a man holding a baby in his arms and other figures around him
A Sandstone Figure of a Dancing Ganesha , INDIA, MADHYA PRADESH, 10TH/11TH CENTURY | Christie's
A Sandstone Figure of a Dancing Ganesha India, Madhya Pradesh, 10th/11th Century The potbellied deity carved in openwork dancing on a lotus pod, reaching out to a bowl of sweets with his trunk and flanked by musicians, his face with a humorous expression 39½ in. (100.3 cm.) high
an advertisement for the upcoming movie, pareshurana mahagur
Amazing AI art
a golden statue sitting on top of a table
Sold at auction Parcel-gilt Bronze Garuda Auction Number 2780M Lot Number 256 | Skinner Auctioneers
an image of a rainbow in the sky with clouds and water around it on a sunny day
an image of colorful space with stars and planets
Stargate by sinisart by Sinisart on DeviantArt
Stargate by sinisart by on @DeviantArt
an image of a rainbow moon over the ocean
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