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Now just listen to fancy while looking at this...

Read razon 6 from the story Razones Para Amar A Raph by jenifferhamato with 130 reads. Cada vez que te hable por movil, pondra esa cara.

Leo & Raph in the sewer. I hope you like it.

Leo & Raph in the sewer. ——————————————————- Well, I am practicing other style of color with this image… I was thinking in sending it like a gif to my favourite TMNT artist,.

~(^.^)~ ~( ^.^)~ ~( ^.)~ ~( )~ ~(.^ )~ ~(^.^ )~ ~(^.^)~

~(^.^)~ ~( ^.^)~ ~( ^.)~ ~( )~ ~(.^ )~ ~(^.^ )~ ~(^.^)~

Tmnt Kiss Of Death by JohnYume on DeviantArt:

OTP of the Day: LeoxKarai. I've said it once and I'll say it again- we need some Leorai kissin! Raph and Mikey got smooches on their episode with their chicks. Man (turtle) up!

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt

Break Dancing by CutieClovers on DeviantArt>> man,Donnie is so fabulous in that pose!


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BABY LEO AND BABY MIWA!!!!!!!! lol raphs face!!

tmnt 2012 tale of the yokai - I nearly fell of my bed because of the amount off fangirling I did ^-^ squeeeeeeeeeee- look at Raphs face XD Leo is holding little Miwa in his arms & little Miwa is pulling & tugging onto Leo's bandana tails.