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Old Smokey Bear poster w/ state trees

Smokey Bear’s Official State Trees – Please be careful with our stately treasures. This poster is an illustrated compilation of all 50 official U. Brought to you by your State Forester and the United States Forest Service.

drawing of garlic bulb

Garlic is essential to our hummus. Depending on how much garlic flavor you enjoy, add cloves. Tip: roughly chop garlic and add it to the food processor FIRST and give it a few spins to get chopped before you add in the other ingredients.

This small farm has the best garlic variety for Northeast gardens. Will plant sampler order in October.

At least thirteen varieties of garlic are grown here in Waldo County

Tomatoes Poster

Go here to find out everything about the Candida Diet. I have llisted all of my links. Enjoy and Happy Candida Free Dieting. Please go here, as it is a full page of links to all of the recipes that I have put on Hubpages.