Princess Victoria, Royal House, Royal Families, Crown, Royalty, Swedish Royalty, Sweden, Corona, Crowns

Swedish Royalty, Princess Madeleine, Royal Families, Victoria, Sweden, Princesses, Shelf, Royal House, Victoria Plum

Swedish Royalty, Madeleine, Dna, Sweden, Royals, Victoria, Princesses, Royalty, Royal Families

Swedish Royalty, Royals, Royalty, Royal Families

Queen Silvia of Sweden looked incredible for her age and wore a hat covered with delicate roses, she accessorize with diamonds, gold bracelets and pearls to mark the occasion.

Royals, Royalty, Royal Families

Royals, Royalty, Royal Families

Madeleine, Royals, Royalty, Royal Families

Princess Victoria looked elegant as she rode in the royal carriage with her husband - and her previous personal trainer - Prince Daniel

Arriving at the Riksdag in Stockholm, the women of the Swedish royal family wore black and white - a tradition that started in 1974

Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf greeted officials and onlookers as they arrived at the Riksdag

royalwatcher: “King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine attended a service in connection with the Opening of the Parliamentary.

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