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a metal frame structure in the middle of a forest
Гараж из профнастила своими руками + фото
Каркас гаража
the stairs are made from metal and have glass railings on each side, leading up to an open door
Portofoliu - Unic Rotarex® - Producator Structuri Metalice Usoare
Portfolio - The Lightweight Steel structures Factory UnicRotarex®
the inside of a house being built with steel bars and ladders on each side
the inside of a metal structure that is being constructed
50 Beautiful Iron Stair Construction Ideas
several metal structures are arranged in an open area
Light gauge steel frame building
Light gauge steel construction is a design-led process. It means that the need for skill to construct the building is more in the design stage rather than on-site. With special design and engineering software reducing the need for engineer involvement during the detail design, speeding up compliance, reducing engineering cost and minimizing room for error on-site.
the metal structure is being constructed in order to look like it's made out of steel
Roll forming machine supply
a house being built in the middle of dirt and blue sky with clouds above it
Portofoliu - Unic Rotarex® - Producator Structuri Metalice Usoare
Portofoliu - Fabrica de Structuri Metalice Usoare - Unic Rotarex®
the metal structure is being used for construction
Light gauge steel frame for building construction
LGS construction can offer a much more predictable construction schedule and less on-site cost than traditional construction methods. For example, as the material is lightweight, no heavy lifting equipment is needed on-site, frames, trusses and joists can typically be carried into place by on-site labor. Frames are made to precise dimensions meaning pre-made windows, doors and bathrooms will fit perfectly and quickly reducing engineering cost and minimizing room for error on-site.
an outline drawing of a house with the roof trusss open and two windows on each side
Металлический каркас гаража. Конструкция, преимущества. - Шведский металлический гараж на даче – за неделю!
several pictures of the inside and outside of a house with metal framing on each side
Modern extension, construction, new build, bespoke project.