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The battle of Leuctra 371 BC by Johnny Shumate.

The Battle of Leuctra (or Leuktra) was a battle fought on July 371 BC, between the Boeotians led by Thebans and the Spartans along with their allies amidst the post-Corinthian War conflict.

Спартанский гоплит

This work by Andrei Karachtchouk, shows a scene from the Peloponnesian War. A Spartan or Lakedaemonian hoplite, protects the back of a wounded Mantinean hoplite, as an Athenian attempts to board their vessel.

Achilles battles Hector before the walls of Troy ~ art by José Daniel Cabrera Peña & Rocío Espín Piñar

Another amazing illustration of the duel between the ancient Greek hero, Achilles and the greatest of the Trojan warriors, Prince Hector, son of Priam. The artwork was created by José Daniel Cabrera Peña & Rocío Espín Piñar.