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The battle of Leuctra 371 BC by Johnny Shumate.
Спартанский гоплит
The Myrmidons or Myrmidones were a legendary people of Greek history. They were very brave and skilled warriors commanded by Achilles, as described in Homer's Iliad. Their eponymous ancestor was Myrmidon, a king of Thessalian Phthia, who was the son of Zeus and "wide-ruling" Eurymedousa, a princess of Phthia.
Achilles battles Hector before the walls of Troy ~ art by José Daniel Cabrera Peña & Rocío Espín Piñar
Pixologic :: Interview :: Ryse: Son of Rome
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PLATAEA 479 B.C...
"Spartan King"
Spartan Warrior, Stephen Clark on ArtStation at