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5 décorations à réaliser avec un dotting tool

dotting tools manucure aec pois

Cartilage hoop Earring, tiny leaf silver hoop,silver tiny hoop

My daughter will love this. sterling silver hoop with tiny silver leaf charm. size : *22 gauge. *Diameter: 8 mm.

18 Cute And Unexpected Ear Piercings

I am going to get this. No doubt. I finally found something I cant live without

Nail art @KortenStEiN #slimmingbodyshapers To create the perfect overall style with wonderful supporting plus size lingerie come see

One of the true gems of modern Sri Lankan cuisine, kottu roti - especially that made by any of the sea of street vendors in Colombo - is a tantalizing street food involving mashed up roti (bread), vegetables and loads of spices! Get the recipe at

Kashmiri dahi baigan- brinjals cooked in yogurt sauce

Kottu is another very popular and widely sold Sri Lankan recipe. Kottu is shredded roti (bread) with vegetables. The local street food vendors usually use the leftover bread and whip up this delicious and spicy treat with it.

grape fizz nails: Purple Skittle Mani