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an old train bridge crossing over a lush green valley with mountains in the background,
Sicily, Italy
an image of a water slide in the middle of the ocean with caption below
Slide to the Sea, Sicily, Italy.
the water is blue and clear in this cave
Isola Di Favignana, Sicily, Italy
an open door leading to a bedroom with a view of the ocean in the distance
The Aeolian Islands Are a Mediterranean Fantasy Come True
The Aeolian Islands
a beach with waves coming in to the shore and mountains in the backgroud
Mondello beach (Palermo)
Mondello beach (Palermo) by Giampaolo Macorig, via Flickr
several people are standing on the rocks near some water
STUPENDA l'ITALIA : i vostri scatti su ITALY Laghetti di Avola Siracusa #siracusa
the city is surrounded by tall buildings and snow covered mountains in the distance, with people walking on the street below
Catania | Etna. Catania (Italian: [kaˈtaːnja] ( listen); Greek: Κατάνη Katáne; Latin: Catăna and Catĭna[1]) is an Italian city on the east coast of Sicily facing the Ionian Sea, between Messina and Syracuse. It is the capital of the Province of Catania, and is the second-largest city in Sicily and the tenth in Italy. ~
the water is crystal green and clear in this area with pink flowers on the bank
Freshwater lagoons - the Laghetti di Cava Grande del Cassibile - in the Cassibile River near Syracuse, Sicily.
three boats floating in clear blue water next to a town on the shore with white buildings
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Levanzo, Egadi Island, Italy
an island with several small boats in the water
HOME EN - Riserva Naturale Orientata Zingaro
Zingaro Nature Reserve
the water is crystal blue and clear with rocks on either side, and cliffs in the distance
Trapani, la città
Cala Rossa Favignana, Sicily #ravenectar #earth #planet #beautiful #places #travel #place #nature #world
an alley way with buildings on both sides and a person walking up the street in front
Cui va 'n Palermu e 'un vidi Murriali, si nni parti sceccu e torna armali. - Sicilia, Italia.
people are swimming in the water near some cliffs
Birds eye view at Alcantara Gorges in Sicily,...
Birds eye view at Alcantara Gorges in Sicily, Italy (by jjhorr1).
the water is blue and clear in this cave
Grotto Boat Trip, Siracusa, Sicily
Enjoyable Siracusa -
a woman in a body of water surrounded by mountains and rocks with sunlight coming through the canyon
15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Italy
Alcantara Gorge, Sicily, Italy