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How To Cut A Long Layered V SHAPE Haircut | How To Cut A Long Layered V SHAPE Haircut by | By Matt Beck | Alright guys. so we're gonna start off the haircut by taking a horseshoe shape section a long ridge down uh through mid crown and then back down Ridge meeting at the recession points of the head right there so uh very simple sectioning. That's one thing I love about this technique is that we have basically two sections the top and the bottom. so we're gonna start by taking our diagonal back parts and then over directing it straight to the front of the face uh straight out which you can see in the bottom uh left hand corner dive. That we're bringing it just straight out finger angle is parallel with the face. so if you wanted to create different angles, you can definitely play around with that. But I like to keep a pretty pretty standard, especially with medium density hair. uh just keeping that finger angle parallel with the face works really well so just working our way down the head shape. I think that one thing that you wanna keep in mind is that a lot of people wanna create the V shape of the layering and they wanna do that either first or. They don't pay attention to the structure of the haircut to aid in the V shape of the haircut. so right now, we're creating a shorter front longer back what that's gonna do is put that point into the back, but it's not gonna create a perfect V shape What's gonna create that is at the very end when we go in and do that detail work, which I'm gonna show you guys. So just make sure my thought process is let's work on the interior of the haircut first, let's work on the layering. We're doing now we're removing weight from the interior, creating our layers and then that makes the perimeter uh detail work very simple because we're not working with so much weight. So my elevation is nice and high medium level. Let's say uh fingers parallel to the face and just working those sections back uh stationary guide like I said before so each diagonal back section, we're working more vertical at this point, but just working my way down the head over directing everything over. Until I run out of hair once I run out of hair, there's nothing left to cut and my line is created at that point. So this is the last little bit. You can see that I've shifted how I'm holding the scissor in my hand. I've talked about this on past videos, but it's really just as a comfort thing. so I don't have to twist my wrist too much now. we're gonna work on the top. This is a key part because I think what we wanna do is we wanna remove a little bit of weight from the top so that it's not sitting on our outer perimeter line, so we can create a better line easier. Plus I want to create some layering throughout the haircut, so my goal is to push as much weight as possible to the back of. Head so I'm over directing everything towards me over top of the forehead and cutting a horizontal line parallel to the forehead in the front. so that will give me my shortest point in the front and pushing the density heavier into the back uh back point of the haircut so real simple just about three sections uh over directing them to the same spot so completely working with stationary guides. My guideline came from just the corner recession point from the previously cut section. Just in case you guys are wondering you can see that V shape you can see it with the wave how it kind of stacks up in the in the middle and gets longer to the very bottom point uh in the center back now, we're just blow dry quick flat wrap quick iron work and I'm gonna go through and do some dry detail work in the haircut. This is a great haircut for just getting a guest in and out of the salon, but with a lot of detail so we do the wet cut now. I'm gonna go through detail and do some point cutting what we've talked about before and past videos as well is that point cutting is the best way to just remove some bulk from the edges. It doesn't mean we. To change the haircut so I am taking a vertical section, but you can see my over direction and uh my elevation is the same as I cut it when it was wet. so I might be taking a vertical section now, but there's really no difference. Um vertical is working with the density of the hair and a lot less with the shape. So I'm going in here just removing some of that density lightning up the uh around the face and and the layers. so the one thing that I want you to notice in my point cutting is that my steady blade is what is going towards my fingers. so the the blade that's in motion is staying away from my finger that. Allows me to not cut myself when point cutting so best trick for that is to just take your scissor pointed away from you and then point it back at you and that's how you should hold your scissor to do this type of point cutting. We're doing a pretty deep point cut but keeping the scissor very vertical so that we're not removing too much bulk. I'm not trying to change anything just softening uh the layering in the haircut so you can see that V shape come to life. now. This is a little crazy. This is not something I would do in the salon, but I wanted to show you guys a visual of how I connect those two point. Obviously, my guest would have shoulders and shoulder blades, so what I would do is just comb it down the back of her back and create this V shape, but you what I want you to notice is the density around the edges of the hair. It's nice and light. The reason it's nice and light is because we went in and did the interior work first so that allowed us to be able to just go in and create this soft V shape line in the haircut, so the layers are already doing the V shape and now I can just go to the perimeter. And make sure that that connects the reason it doesn't completely connect um right away is because when you're over directing everything to the front of the head, what that's gonna do is um it's gonna be great until you get to behind the ear and then you're over direction is going past too many corners. so it pushes a lot of extra weight in the very back of the haircut. so just going through using the tip of that scissor to go through detail, the outer perimeter and then you have uh a successful v shaped long layered hair. Um and that's it, you can see all the layers a lot of movement. I really dig this haircut. um it's one that I've definitely done in the salon quite a bit when people want that V shape in there little bit of Hairspray to finish it off and that is the end result. Hope you guys like this video. If you do, please share it with your friends. hit the like button and make sure you subscribe to our channel. We got new videos every day right here on free salon If you like that haircut and you want. See more Make sure you hit the like button hit the share button. share it with all of your friends. I love uh seeing all of your comments and seeing what you thought about the video. so make sure you post those below. Thank you guys. so much for watching. we'll see you guys on the next video. Thanks.
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What you might be doing wrong when cutting a face frame 👀 | face | What you might be doing wrong when cutting a face frame 👀 | By Free Salon Education | Then you would do this a little bit different. I'm going to make a separate video for that. So this is based on a center symmetrical shape that we're creating. So I take the center down center back parting and then I take a diagonal forward parting from that right to the hairline. So and what I do is I over direct that over to me across the chair across the face and what I'm doing is I'm cutting a line almost parallel to that parting. Now if you want a little bit more of an extreme frame then you could shift your finger angle a little bit but the biggest thing that I want you to focus on is my elevation because I don't cut this super low a lot of people hold it nice and low what that does is it creates weight so just like in the back if you go and you cut the back of the head and you have a low elevation you get a heavy shape so people don't think about that in the front they always hold the hair nice and low you want to hold the hair nice and high that gives you a nice kind of graduated shape in the front as a to a just real heavy shape. So, you can see that how it curves nice. I just continue all the way down the side until I run out of hair and then you get your face frame. Now, what I'm going to do is take a piece as my guide and I'm going to do the same exact thing on the opposite side. So, that's why I say this is a pretty simple technique as long as you focus on your elevation and your finger angle. So, notice my finger angle isn't exactly parallel. So, I just shift it a little bit. That gives me a little more of an extreme face frame kind of wraps it around a little bit more but at the same time you could go parallel as well if you didn't want that so I over direct it over keep my elevation nice and high symmetrical on both sides and then you get your end result so notice my partings nice and clean I'm taking about a half inch at a time over across the face cutting it at a stationary guide and I'm creating that kind of wrap around the face so as I get to the ear that's about when it starts to run out of hair so if you wanted to continue this haircut you continue all the way to the back if you want to you can leave the layers nice and long you could go into the back and also cut layers into the back as well so this is more just for the face frame we're not going to do any layering in the back I want to show it to you guys dry so I'm using the Paul Mitchell memory shaper this is from the invisible wear category so I put that in the hair it's got a nice soft hold to it and then I use my Paul Mitchell Turbo Light blow dryer to the hair and then I use hot off the press from Paul Mitchell which is a heat protectant just to make sure I don't create any damage to my guest obviously this is not a real human but if it was I would use hot off the press anyways and then that gives me that smooth that effect so at 80% dry I use hot off the press and that gives me kind of a smooth polish to the hair then when I go in with my Pro Tools iron then I get that nice end results You could see here is our end result. Nice face frame. So I hope you guys like this cut. Let me know in the comments. Um I think this is a very
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All you have to do is wrap and you've got just the prettiest hairstyle | hairstyle | All you have to do is wrap and you've got just the prettiest hairstyle | By MetDaan Hairstyles | All you need to do is create a half up, half down hairstyle first and then make that beautiful wrap of all the hair. Next, we're moving on with a ponytail, turning it into a cute high bun. Don't forget to add that hair accessory to have the most beautiful outcome. These super simple wrapping techniques are to die for. Just the easiest. You Let's see what kind of hairstyle we're getting out of this one. These rose ties are going to give it the cutest results. On to the next one sweetie, are you ready? Create two cute ponytails and then wrap them together with a beautiful accessory. Section after section in zigzag motion only halfway and you've got the best results. And let's get on to the last one for today. Such a cute high bun.