New Orleans

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a fountain in front of a brick building with balconies on the top floor
One Great Weekend: Your Guide for What to do in New Orleans
an old house with green shutters on the front door and steps leading up to it
New Orleans shotgun house by Marianne Sabrier
a blue and white house with red trim
Visit New Orleans | Official New Orleans Tourism Website
a house with pink flowers growing on the front porch and balconies above it
Visit New Orleans | Official New Orleans Tourism Website
a red and white building with blue shutters next to a traffic light in front of it
Rocket Science Beauty Bar
a blue house with black iron fence and trees
35 Shades Of The Rainbow In One Pretty City
a pink house with white trim and green shutters
French Quarter Architecture
a blue house with red trim and green shutters
Explore the Architectural Marvels of New Orleans: A Fusion of French, Spanish, and Caribbean Influences
a pink and purple house with white trim
Purple Houses in the Crescent City
a pink and blue house with white trim
The geography of the shotgun house
an old green house with shutters on the front and side windows is shown in this photo
New Orleans, LA Real Estate & Homes for Sale |®