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GoRuck GR1 and TAD Gear Fast Pack EDC | Loaded Pocketz

A contrast in bag design between the popular GoRuck and the Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC.


This belt is freakishly awesome! I love carrying at 1 or In fact, it's become a trend! If you don't mind major killing power that close to your dick then but it and say I got this one covered!


(t) NOTE plates, pliers, pouches, medical shears -- I see all these kit set up with belts. I wonder if its worh it.

polka dot socks  #men // #fashion // #mensfashion

Polka dot socks and red laces on a brown leather shoes Cuffs are your best friend in an trendy look. They can really show off the shoe and any fun sock that you decide to wear.