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Rock & Roll Cowboy Men’s L/S Western Snap Shirt B2S5110 | Cavender's

12 Best Preppy Looks http://www.gq.com.au/style/editors+pick/galleries/12+best+preppy+looks,13459?pos=9#

Men's Navy Blazer, White Dress Shirt, White Chinos, White and Red Gingham Pocket Square

Shop this look for $119: http://lookastic.com/men/looks/dress-shirt-and-pocket-square-and-chinos-and-belt-and-blazer/1732 — White Dress Shirt — White and Red Gingham Pocket Square — White Chinos — Black Leather Belt — Navy Blazer

Men's Navy Blazer, White Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt, Tobacco Chinos, Burgundy Polka Dot Pocket Square

Shop this look for $241: http://lookastic.com/men/looks/navy-blazer-and-white-longsleeve-shirt-and-burgundy-pocket-square-and-tobacco-chinos/248 — Navy Blazer — White Polka Dot Longsleeve Shirt — Burgundy Polka Dot Pocket Square — Tobacco Chinos

Men's Navy Shawl Cardigan, Red Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, Tobacco Chinos

Shop this look for $79: http://lookastic.com/men/looks/chinos-and-navy-shawl-cardigan-and-red-longsleeve-shirt-and-tobacco-chinos/764 — Navy Shawl Cardigan — Red Plaid Longsleeve Shirt — Tobacco Chinos

Men's Orange Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, Khaki Chinos, Hot Pink Low Top Sneakers, Brown Backpack

Shop this look for $106: http://lookastic.com/men/looks/orange-longsleeve-shirt-and-brown-backpack-and-khaki-chinos-and-neon-pink-low-top-sneakers/1109 — Orange Plaid Longsleeve Shirt — Brown Backpack — Khaki Chinos — Neon Pink Low Top Sneakers