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four coasters made out of rocks with a teapot and cup on the side
Product with stone, simple but beautiful | Tái chế, Trang trí, Ý tưởng tự làm
two cups with straws in them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
14 idées DYI pour recycler les boîtes de Pringles - Paperblog
two different types of cups and one is white marble
Just Like Lotta - Återbruka burkar
Återbruka burkar
DIY Lata Reciclada
Como transformar uma lata em um lindo item de decoração para a sua casa com @euzimarasantana, confere aqui! Essas e mais dicas, só no TikTok, clica no link ;)
a wine cork key holder with several keys hanging from it and a potted plant next to it
Les p'tits bouchons de momo (FB)
DIY -Tablero de Corcho-
Recilamos corchos de las botellas de vino y hacemos este tablero/pizarra increble
there are many cups that have been made to look like they've been put together
Celine Fafard Of Parceline Has Created A Collection Of Stoneware With Unique Drip Patterns
Beton-Vasen DIY
Aus Tablettenröhrchen und Milchflasche wird Betonvase. #diy #beton #deko #interior
the steps to make a vase with flowers on it are shown in several different ways
Schöne Vase aus Beton einfach selber gießen
Einfache Betonvase in Form einer Flasche selber gießen! Einfache Anleitung auf meinem Blog.