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Kalisami🌸✨ on Instagram: "A drawing inspired in "Flaming June" ~ 🐚 I just finished moving, and honestly I felt like I would like to rest just like her 😂🙌. I am currently working on a time-lapse video of this piece for my Patreon, if you're interested on watching me draw this from start to finish ✨❤️ link in bio~✨ . I make tutorials & drawings videos on my Patreon! 💐 When you join oír lovely community, you'll immediately get access to over 20+ tutorials, step by steps, PSD files & much more?

Dragon reference

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a drawing of a dragon sitting in front of an ice cave
Adventure Awaits: 20 Free Dragon Coloring Pages For Kids
These mythical creatures spark wonder and adventure with their magical powers, ability to fly, and fiery breath. For kids who love dragons, coloring is a fun, creative way to bring these magical beings to life. In this article, we've gathered 20 free printable dragon coloring pages perfect for young artists. #coloringpagesforkids
an intricate paper cut design with a dragon and castle in the background
Intricate Papercut Dragon Scene [SVG, DXF]
an image of a dragon in the woods
a pencil drawing of a dragon with a clock in the background
Dragon, Art Nouveau
the mermaid and unicorn are swimming in the water with their tails curled up to each other