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two pictures side by side, one with leaves and the other with stones on it
Rhubarb leaf stepping stones or bird bath... remember rhubarb leaves are poisonous, keep pets and kids away.
a large green leaf laying on top of mulch next to a red brick building
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Ooh, I need to make some more leaves!
the steps to make a flower pot out of clay and leaves are shown in three different ways
In a bucket or pail, mix two cups of cement with 1 cup of water to create a thick paste. spread the cement mixture onto each leaf. Allow the cement to dry then Flip the mold over, and remove each leaf.
there is a bag that has some plants in it on the window sill outside
"Shirt container" made from cement <3 / #containergardening #cement #greendreams
the statue is covered in plastic and surrounded by trees, bushes, and other things
Anleitung - Wächter aus betongetränkten Stoffbahnen selbst machen - Instructions for guards
DIY - Anleitung - Wächter aus betongetränkten Stoffbahnen selbst machen
four decorative vases sitting in the grass near a tree stump and flower potted plant
Kako napraviti ukrasne saksije za cveće – Svastara Sajt
an assortment of cement planters sitting in front of a brick wall on a porch
Latest creations, hypertufa planters using old household towels
a wire sculpture sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a tree stump
Wire Sculpture
By amazing artist Derek Kinzett... As haunters or sculptors, I'm sure we ALL wish we were this good with chicken wire. View Derek ...
a heart shaped wire sculpture sitting on top of a white planter
Wire Heart 1 by 123-P-P-H-123 on deviantART
Wire Heart topiary fram by ~123-P-P-H-123 on deviantART - i like the look of this, can also be done stuffed with moss and soil as a succulent sculpture:
the process for making wire art is shown
How to Sculpt With Chicken Wire |
Sculpting chicken wire is a great way to add fun decor to your yard! Make a dragonfly sculpture out of chicken wire for a decorative garden accent. A dragonfly is relatively easy and inexpensive to make, and it can be "accessorized" in any color palette you choose. Install it by a pond, pool or aquatic garden for extra charm. DIY instructions here: