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a toy made out of lego blocks sitting on top of a wooden table
jeu de construction en volume écoe maternelle
a paper house next to an envelope with flowers on it and a piece of white paper
¿Dónde está Tomás?. Micaela Chirif y Leire Salaberria
two pieces of paper cut out to look like cityscapes with words written on them
A la manière du peintre architecte Hundertwasser ...
an art project made with construction paper and colored crayons on the bottom half of it
Read Write Sing
a map with buildings and trees on it, which is labeled in the words'do you
KuliFerda 1/2013-14
a child's drawing with houses and trees on it
a worksheet for children to learn how to write and draw the letters in spanish
Fiches graphisme, tracer lignes. - Petits Crabichounes
the diagram shows how to make a paper model for a house with two cars in it
a drawing of a house with a person standing in front of it and an animal on the roof