Monika Laššánová

Monika Laššánová

Monika Laššánová
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DIY How to Seal a Plastic Bag Using Plastic Bottle Cap

How do you usually seal a plastic bag? Here is a creative, simple and useful way to seal a plastic bag using a plastic bottle cap. I really love the idea. It’s just as easy as opening a plastic bottle.


Type of antidepressant. It is given if the depressed client has not responded to Tricyclic antidepressants and SSRI’s. This type of med interacts with a bunch of other meds, that’s why it’s usually not drug of choice for depression.


Having trouble with Coumadin vs. People always mix up the antidotes and can’t remember which goes with Vitamin K and which goes with Protamine Sulfate. Coumadin’s antidote is Vitamin K. You can remember this by thinking Coumadin and K.