Marieta Zuzikova

Marieta Zuzikova
I ♥ photography, fashion and beautiful thinks is fuuul of colours :)
Marieta Zuzikova
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はなこ**さんの「コットンゴクアツポケットT7分袖【niko and...】(niko and...)」を使ったコーディネート

This is a great block idea for styling tip shoots/posts. Gives focus to the outfit and content, but doesn't look rookie.

mulheres andróginas - Pesquisa Google

(not my favorite pic but the one where she is on s bike-cool look) She's a style icon whilst also being praised as a fashion rebel. This unassuming diva, rules the catwalk and is also a singer and actress.


In Living Colour: Our Brazil Fashion Shoot Top, POA, and skirt, POA, both by Dolce & Gabbana from a selection at David Jones; silk scarf by Bulgari; vintage earrings from Harlequin Market.