7 chakras meditation

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7 chakras meditation

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Los dioses más representativos del mundo maya

La creencia en seres superiores que están dotados de fantásticos poderes que influyen en el curso de la naturaleza y la vida, es muy antigua. Civilizaciones milenarias como la maya, tenían un sistema religioso politeísta, es decir, creían en la existencia de varias deidades, a las cuales les rendían culto y que, además, se encargaron de representar a detalle a través de sus construcciones y esculturas. De acuerdo a esta cultura prehispánica, existían dioses con poder sobre el Sol, la Luna…

Sacred Geometry Meditation Set — Angelina Samadhi

Studies have shown that meditating on sacred geometry can help strengthen the connection between the right & left hemispheres of the brain and remind you of your own infinite nature. This Sacred Geometry Art Set Includes: * 20 Print-Ready Hi-Res Jpeg Files (Symbol Names Included) * Instant Digital Download * Set Against Stunning Watercolor Universe Backgrounds * 8" x 8" Panels @ 300dpi * RGB & CMKY Files for Screen or Print Are you a Graphic Designer? Click here for…

3. Sacred Geometry

The word “sacred” is synonymous with the concept of “divine/sky.” The word “geometry” comes from the Greek words “geos/earth” and “metron/ measure.” Together this translates as the “divine measurin…

25 Lifestyle Strategies to Heal Adrenal Fatigue - DrJockers.com

Adrenal fatigue manifests as chronic fatigue and various other health problems. Here are 25 lifestyle strategies to heal adrenal fatigue.

Chakra | Reclaiming Zen

The Sanskrit word chakra translates to wheel and refers to our wheels of energy. It is believed that life force energy (prana) is drawn into our chakra centers. There are many different Chakra systems but one very popular system is the 6+1 which is a system of 7 main Chakra points used during meditation.

Chakra Cards

Chakra Cards Additional cards (separate from basic deck and limited edition cards) These cards are a separate from the Oracle Tarot card and Limited Edition cards… but same size with the same backi…

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Felt the Kundalini serpent rising within during this meditation

Hello guys and gals :D, I feel much love for you my friends and I just wanted to share a secret meditation I just discovered that gave me some...

Introduction to Norse Mythology

Dear Mythology Students, Norse Mythology are the stories of the Scandanavian people. The Norse were extremely skilled at sea faring; consequently, they were exposed to different cultures. The Norse came upon the Romans, who in turn, hired them as mercenaries. The Roman culture was extremely advanced; consequently, the Norseman adopted some of their belief system into their own culture. This is why when we start to read the myths you will note some strong similarities to Greek Mythology…

The Flow State — BRETT PETERS

A Beginner's Guide to the Seven Major Chakras

The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Here is an article written by Kelli J. Conn on the major chakras and healing with gemstones.

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تحميل كتاب سر الاسرار pdf مجانا ل مريم نور | كتب pdf

تحميل وقراءة أونلاين كتاب سر الاسرار pdf مجانا ل مريم نور | كتب pdf ضمن تصنيف كتب التنمية البشرية بروابط مباشرة | مكتبة كتب pdf

Art of the Initiate on Instagram: “"Concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories, and rituals of the ancients is a secret doctrine concerning the inner mysteries of…”

1,579 Likes, 25 Comments - Art of the Initiate (@art_of_the_initiate) on Instagram: “"Concealed within the emblematic figures, allegories, and rituals of the ancients is a secret…”