Veronika Mokráňová

Veronika Mokráňová

Veronika Mokráňová
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Odhalili sme tajomstvo dokonalých kriviek modeliek Victoria's Secret

Admire them, adore them, respect them, but don't suggest that Victoria's Secret models should be aspirational figures for women

Piano house, situated in China.  The only reason for its construction: to bring as many tourists as possible in order to improve the local economy.

The Piano House is located in Huainan City, An Hui Province, China. It contains a transparent violin and a piano building. Inside the violin, there is staircase toward the piano house upstairs.

James Law Cybertecture

The form of Indra Tower is smooth and in a streamline form as the droplet dropping into the water. The form of the building is composed with die rent depth of the balconies on each floor.