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many different types of smiley faces painted on rocks
Parked Domain
Do you like stones? Most people don’t realize just how creative you can get with a simple rock. Painted stones and rocks can truly turn them into
several painted rocks are arranged on the ground, including one with a ladybug
It's cold and yucky outside for many of us today and getting out into the garden isn't the most tempting idea. So why not grab some rocks, paint and a bit of creativity and make some little garden features. Cute huh?
painted rocks with faces and eyes sitting in the dirt next to pink flowers on the ground
Over 40 of the BEST Rock Painting Ideas - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Painted Lady Bug Rocks....these are the BEST Rock Painting Ideas!
some rocks with writing on them are arranged in a wooden bowl, and one has a baby's name written on it
there are many balls with eyes painted on them
six owls painted on rocks sitting on a wooden table next to a banana peel and other items
Painted rock owls - my Pinterest Party craft. <3
Owl Painted Rocks #DIY