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✖️ ✖️ gel liner in Slate, x palette on the eyes, liquid lipstick in pure Hollywood & Milkshake in the centre with cream o'spice liner, dipbrown in chocolate on the brows too💋

Steps from previous post ✨using all shadows from @masquerade_cosmetics 1.) prime eye w/ urban decay primer potion & pack shimmer powder "golden peacock" #548 (dark green) & blend through crease 2.) highlight brow bone with UD shadow in "virgin" & blend "rich gold" #67 in between highlight & crease 3.) add smidgen of your fav black shadow in outer "V" of crease 4.) Stila onyx on waterline & smudge down on lash line and apply shadow #548 & #67 underneath 5.) highlight tear duct w/ pressed…

Red and Black Eyeshadow. Red and blue are approximate opposites on the color wheel so this would make blue eyes pop! My new to do is to get a red shadow. (Uh, everything is close on the color wheel, but blue and red are not even close to opposite)