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Projects with Momocca

Integration of our collections in real projects
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Casa Tide, the see and the design. 📷 Biderbost Photography
The home as a resting place. Photo: Biderbost Photo
The landscape is the inspiration for interior design.

Casa Tide | In56

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Dania by Momocca chairs are integrated into this artistic interior.
A mirror gives amplitude and if it reflects furniture like this... it brings much more distinction to the space.
Julia, a design bookcase that lets in light.

Showroom Nometri | Ana M. Martínez

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Recreation of a dining room in the showroom with Dania's table. The visitor was to feel at home.
Recreation of a dining room in the showroom with Dania's table. The visitor was to feel at home.
A good design is natural.

Aedas Homes Showroom

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Living room with Dania by Momocca chairs and armchairs. In the background is an Adara sideboard by Momocca.
Julia dressing room detail. How beautiful is the gold with the wood, isn't it? What a calmness it brings!

Wellbeing Home | Aresan & Santafe

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Detail of the white lacquered Adara sideboard by Momocca with metal structure and porcelain surface by Tau Cerámica
Design contrasts!
Dreamy side tables

Showroom | Tau Ceramica + Odosdesign

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Large windows to connect the interior and the exterior.
Giving a Mediterranean touch to this interior design in Frankfurt.
Nowhere like home. Especially if it has such a spectacular hall.

Frankfurt House | Dib Estudio

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The challenge was to place a shelf that would "embrace" the architectural elements of the room.
Living room in boutique flat with Adara sideboard. Also shown is the Julia dresser shelf by Momocca.

The Passage

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Little details that create happy offices.
The office also needs pampering. So you can create pleasant environments where workers can interact and socialize. The office isn’t just for work, is it? Look at the Adara sideboard. It combines wood, porcelain and metal. Its also a meeting place... of materials!
Plants in the office purify the air and help create a more pleasant environment.

Alter Ego | HÖL Madrid

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A house with wooden floors and white walls can be filled with colour without being strident. Take a look at the upholstered panels from Momocca's Julia Collection in this Caliza Estudio project photographed by Lupe Clemente.
Your hobbies are your best decoration: This red-paneled Julia sideboard from Momocca features books and paintings for a person who is passionate about art and reading. Project by Caliza Estudio - Photography: Lupe Clemente.
Joy, color, light... This is this house in Madrid that transmits us a lot of desire to live. Estudio Caliza - Lupe Clemente Photography

Vivienda Miami | Caliza Estudio

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Art in the bedroom. Project by Iñigo Iriarte more images:
We are open-mouthed with this eclectic interior. The decoration, the furniture... everything invites us to discover endless stories. Iñigo Iriarte projects
We are hallucinating with the amount of materials present in this interior and their balance.

Eustasio Amilibia | Íñigo Iriarte

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We would be delighted to spend our vacation in this hotel with mesistas Emma de Momocca. Ideal to disconnect! Project by Elena Molina Photo: Pedro Beni
A reference to the blue sea of the Canary Islands. The Lumm Hotel has natural references to the environment even in the configuration of the Emma coffee tables.
Sophistication, versatility and a unique design in side tables that make the difference.

Hotel The Lumm | Elena Molina Interiores

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Trust is the first thing that welcomes you in this notary's office. Project by Alonso Arias + A Studio Photography: Del Rio Bani
The place where the files of this notary's office are kept must also be a place of design and elegance. Interior design: Alonso Arias Architects + A Studio. Photography: Del Rio Bani
We created this Julia desk for this project in a special way. It can only fit in this notary's office. What do you think of it? Photography: Del Rio Bani Project: Alonso Arias + A studio

Notaría Requena | Alonso Arias + A Studio

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Adara sideboard incorporates warm and cool materials in a design balance. It is important to take care of all sides of the sideboard.
Typical architecture coexists with our modern-classic Adara sideboard.
Sometimes nature itself complements each other perfectly. A wooden momocca Adara sideboard with this beautiful bouquet of flowers. The curved design of the furniture makes the created environment more friendly.

Vivienda Eixample

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That's right, design is not the only protagonist of this house. Here we show you the olive tree. @in56interiorismo @in56in56 Photography: Biderbost Photo
Tips for a good working area: - Good lighting. - Furniture to organise and store your work. - Plants. They always brighten up the room. - Ergonomic seat and desk. This is the area that @in56interiorismo proposes to us. 📷 Erlantz Biderbost
In Oliva's home there is an elegant foyer that features a couple of powerful pieces and is complemented by small decorative objects. A painting that contains the color palette of the house, two curved vases and our Adara sideboard by Momocca that unites the above: wood and metal, curved design, shades of interior design. Image: @in56interiorismo + Biderbost Photos

Casa Oliva | In56

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Symmetry is important in this project by Carolina Gall Here you see two Adara by Momocca sideboards in cream.
When we have a neutral colour scheme, we are a little afraid to add colour. Choose small decorative objects in colour and flowers. Subtle touches that make all the difference. You are looking at a project with the Adara by Momocca sideboard collection, more information on the website!
Art and design furniture are a perfect match. Here is a sculpture by @olga_formasenceramica (IG) on an Adara sideboard. The result is fabulous! Project by: Carolina Gall Interiorismo

La Finca | Carolina Gall

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Covering an entire wall with a shelf and not making it look heavy is possible with the Julia Collection. It also brings colour and freshness.
We want you to take a closer look at our furniture. This is a Julia structure together with an upholstered panel and a shelf. If you want to know more you can send us a whatsapp: +34 627 889 567
A small example of views in this flat on the shores of the Mediterranean. Our Julia Collection shelf looks fantastic! Stunning, isn't it? Photography: Germán Cabo · Interior Design: Xavier Pastor

Projects by Xavier Pastor

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These areas are very important as they allow us to disconnect. A good armchair or chair, an atmosphere of soft colours and good lighting are the key.
Julia is fully integrated in the decoration of this space. It is not necessary to change the decoration to integrate a Julia, simply tell us how you want to configure it and we will create your model.
Cover Julia with memories, slide her panels and create new configurations every day.

Casa Mayor | Miguel Calvo

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Order is essential in an office. That's why this spacious cabinet is ideal for those offices that want to have everything perfectly stored. Adara sideboard with stacked modules. Photo by Germán Cabo · Momocca Furniture.
The image speaks for itself. The Adara by Momocca sideboard in natural wood and stone combines perfectly with the environment and its decoration. Adara transmits elegance, distinction and sophistication to the room. Pic by Germán Cabo · Project by Xavier LLedo · Furniture by Momocca Design.
Adara sideboards adapt to any need and space.

Cañizares Valle | Xavier Lledó

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Of course! This is the hallmark of Momocca's Adara sideboards. 📷 by Juan F. González 3 @eloconstrucciones
The Adara collection is able to blend in with its surroundings thanks to its wide range of wood finishes.
Upholstered cushion and stone table on a wooden base.... Have you ever seen a bench with so much materiality?

Chalet de los Periodistas | ELO Construcciones

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The Julia Collection has an open design that completes the space without cluttering it. Want to know more? Pic by @theroom_studio
With grooved doors you can store devices without cable, the signal is not cut off. In addition, it is a very interesting aesthetic detail that turns the sideboard into something different, modern and current. You can check it in this project by @theroom_studio

Projects by The Room Studio

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Julia Collection wooden panels give us warmth. Ideal for a busy office
Light is very important to feel at home in the office. In this space, Sr Arquitectes combines indirect artificial light with natural light and opts for wooden materials such as the Julia bookshelf or the vertical slats. All this gives warmth to the environment.
An office also needs to have attractive interior design and decoration. Our workspace is sometimes like a second home.

Office in Mallorca | Sr Arquitectes

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Look at the amount of materials in the picture and it is not overwhelming. This is the result of this brutalist interior design designed by Efecto3 Have you seen how the white lacquered Adara sideboard looks? Stunning!
The brutalist style is like that. You have a concrete beam that matches perfectly with wooden floors and furniture. Amazing, isn't it? ~ Project by Efecto 3 ~
How important it is to put plants in our homes, isn't it? Photography by Efecto 3 · Manu Luque

Las Arenas | Efecto 3

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Wooden slats are not only room dividers but also an ideal complement to our walls. Project: Casas inHAUS Image: Fernando Alda
In our home office, the equipment we work with is just as important as the furniture. Shelving, desk, chair all help us to be comfortable in the workplace and aid productivity. Project/Photography: Casas inHAUS/Fernando Alda
Watching a series or a movie in this mediterranean living room is a perfect plan! Casa Utrera by Casas inHAUS Photography: Fernando Alda.

Casa Utrera | Casas inHAUS

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Two Julia shelves with wooden panels adorn this office in Bilbao.
2021 is coming, the promises of change, of new opportunities... how about giving our workplace a new look?
An office does not have to be a dark and gloomy place. The right furniture, plants and a beautiful picture will delight any space. Photography: Erlantz Biderbost · Lázaro Estudio

Heros 28 | Lázaro Estudio

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Here you have a complete vision of the living room designed by Deleite Design. Perfect mix of colours and textures. Photography: Carla Capdevila · Deleite Design
When the client allows to risk in the interior design, the result surpasses any forecast. It is a case of home renovation by Deleite Design. Photography: Carla Capdevila
The Adara television stand is combined with this beautiful mural in the background. Visit this project designed by Deleite Design to see the whole composition in detail. You will like it! Photography: Carla Capdevila

Project by Deleite Design

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