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a white card with gold foil dots on it that says merry christmas and has a horse drawn carriage
Noch 14 Tage für Weihnachtskarten! - schoenschrift.shop
a white card with gold foil sprinkles and a star in the middle
Goldener Sternennebel
a white card with gold foil stars and the words happy new year written on it
Quadratische Weihnachts-Karte "Schriftzüge"
a greeting card with stars and trees on it, surrounded by other cards that include stamps
Leuchtende Weihnachten - Weihnachten Daheim
the words are written in different colors and font, with some type of lettering on them
Dekoration gebraucht kaufen | eBay Kleinanzeigen ist jetzt Kleinanzeigen
a pink watercolor painting with words written in black ink
{happy write} Alles kann warten
the words in german are written next to some pens and paper decorations on a white surface
Handlettering Spruch
a gingerbread house with icing on it and the words, wurde ich mein lien lerbkehnhauss leben, wage nach nach 3 studen
Würde ich in einem Lebkuchenhaus leben, wäre ich nach 3 Stunden und 24 Minuten obdachlos. - VISUAL STATEMENTS®
the words are written in german on a white background with a black and red circle