Monika Blažíčková

Monika Blažíčková

Monika Blažíčková
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Knowing the Morse Code Alphabet could save your life in a disaster situation, learn more at

In the case of an emergency, doing the right thing or having the right skill could make the difference between life and death, it can save your life or someone else's life. We have compiled a collection of some of the most crucial information and skills y

German Conversations and Dialogues Part1 | L E A R N G E R M A N

German Conversations and Dialogues

Deutsch lernen: Gesundheit und Krankheit (illness and health )

Deutsch lernen: Gesundheit und Krankheit (illness and health ) Mehr

Ich bin krank!

The Internet Second Language Collective is a free-to-use community website where English language teachers can share their home-made teaching materials with each other.

Ein einfaches Video für Kinder und Anfänger, um Vokabular und erste Sätze zum…

A simple video for children and beginners to learn vocabulary and expressions about the topics family, food and drinks in German.