Monika Bulavčiaková

Monika Bulavčiaková

Monika Bulavčiaková
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Studies show shinrin-yoku, also known as forest bathing or time spent in green spaces, can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase your immune defense system.

Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature's Influence on Your Health, Happiness and Vitality by Eva M. Selhub MD and Alan C. Logan MD, who detail how the human brain is inextricably linked to the natural world.

Holland and Barrett present a 90-day schedule to make sure you remain at your beautiful best in a completely healthy way—all in a wonderful infographic.

Creating a perfect beauty routine is not easy. Luckily, help is on its way. In this helpful infographic from Holland and Barrett, you will discover everything you need to know to create your own 90 day beauty guide.

Mineral and vitamin supplements can enhance well-being and mental energy not just for healthy adults but for individuals at risk of depression and anxiety

The Science of Vitamins and the Body ... vitamins, their daily values in mg, their uses/what they're good for:

The science of vitamins and the body health infographic health tips infographics health infographics tips on being healthy infographic on health

20 Natural Sleep Remedies

Twenty of the most effective natural sleep remedies to deal with sleeplessness or sleep deprivation. Millions of people have formed poor sleep habits over time, and jump to prescription sleep aids which can be addictive. Use all natural methods to improve