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Water transfer with sponge transferir agua con esponja transfer de apa cu burete
several pieces of construction paper laid out on the floor
Busy bag Duplo©
a person sitting on the floor playing with an object that is made out of beads
33+ Fun and Cheap DIY Toddler Activities to Do at Home 12
With these fun and cheap toddler activities, you will build a stronger relationship with your toddler in the best way.
a plate with toothpicks stuck in it next to a blue bowl on a table
Sensory Play pt1
Our goal in the game is coordination, attention and speed. I used a tall cardboard, ping-pong balls and plastic sticks as materials. credits: ogretmen.baba
Atividade de Concentração e Coordenação
Se você tem interesse em baixar planos, atividades e jogos pedagógicos prontos para imprimir e utilizar e suas aulas, toque no pin e aproveite!! 🎁
a little boy sitting in a chair with a fake face on his head and an adult brushing it's hair
Thinking Kids Activities
A game made of leftover material for the development of spatial thinking and analytical abilities. credits: samodelki_podelki
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with the words martin jede written in different languages