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several different types of water and trees in the same photo, each with their own caption
This Village Without Roads Looks Like It's From A Fairytale - Awesome
there's a 24 hour wine fountain located in caldari di ottona, italy and it's free
the garden is decorated with flowers, plants and statues for an outdoor party or celebration
ILiveLavisnly If you're in Atlanta, get wine drunk and go hit the Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - iFunny
the coffee is served with a cloud of cotton candy
Coffee cloud magic - FunSubstance
an image of the ocean with waves coming in
two different views of the same statue
an instagram page for bali indonesia with pictures of people swimming in the pool and onlookers
an abandoned building in the middle of some trees
The Strange Story Of The Hidden Surreal Wonderland In The Middle Of The Jungle
an image of a statue that is in the middle of someone's life quote