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a pink cupcake with green frosting and an owl on top is sitting on a cake stand
Owls Cake And Matching Giant Cupcake
giant owl cupcake <3 @Korie Bellamy Bellamy Hansen I havea giant cup cake pan. I got it at michaels for about $20 I have had it for 4 yrs and use it all the time. If you can't find one you can borrow mine:)
a chocolate cake decorated with flowers and the word katta
Kaunis päällyste
a birthday cake with candles and decorations on it
DeAnna Pappas Baby, First Birthday Photos
DeAnna Pappas Throws Her Daughter the Cutest 1st Birthday Party | JUST A 'SPRINKLE' | Former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas and husband Stephen Stagliano kept it thematic for daughter Addison Marie's first birthday on Feb. 7, taking the idea of "Sprinkled with Love" from the décor to the confetti-covered cake by Fantasy Frostings. "The party was about the most amazing thing that we have ever seen," Pappas tells PEOPLE.
there is a slice of cheesecake with chocolate chips on the plate next to it
Baileys Malteser Cheesecake
A delicious white chocolate Baileys Malteser Cheesecake that is completely no-bake! Chocolate... Baileys... Maltesers = the perfect boozy dessert!
there is a chocolate cake with many layers on the top and bottom, along with other cakes
DIY Make Amazing Maltesers Cake
DIY Make Amazing Maltesers Cake
there is a cake that has been decorated with chocolate beads on it and sits on a plate
Amazing Maltesers cake
Maltesers Cake - Danisnotonfire would LOVE this!!
1h 35m
a three tiered cake with chocolate candies on top
mmm, Maltesers cake
a minnie mouse cake with pink frosting and a bow on top that says alex's
A Comprehensive Guide To Wedding Cakes For Beginners
Disney inspired girl birthday cake with buttercream rosettes
a pink and white cake with minnie mouse ears on top
Minnie Birthday Cake And Cake Pops
Minnie Birthday Cake and Cake Pops - Minnie Cake @Allison Champion
a cake with chocolate icing and blackberries on top sitting on a white plate
Čokoládovo smotanová torta s černicami, Recepty na torty
Čokoládovo smotanová torta s černicami - recept
a baby is sleeping in a pea pod on top of a blue and green cake
Pea in a pod cake
the number 50 is decorated with chocolate, strawberries, and other toppings to celebrate someone's 90th birthday
Už nikdy nebudete kupovať drahé torty v cukrárni: Túto nádheru môžete pripraviť úplne bez pečenia!
Úžasné inšpirácie!
a chocolate cake sitting on top of a white plate
Nejlepší dort na světě
Když jsem před pár měsíci odpovídala na Luciinu otázku jaký dort mi má upéct k narozeninám, řekla jsem, že ten nejlepší na světě. Nebylo t...
there is a cake with chocolate frosting on the plate and cookies next to it
Cup of tea cake
This cup of tea cake is adorable! With a rich, chocolate sponge and a chocolate buttercream icing it's not only indulgent but sure to impress all your guests.
a cake made to look like a gift box on a table with a cup of coffee
Simple but stunning
someone is dipping some kind of chocolate into small desserts on a yellow platter
Sladké slovenské ručičky Kamily Širotňákovej z Košíc
Sladké slovenské ručičky pani Márie Stachurovej z Vlachova | Hľadáme šikovné sladké ručičky z celého Slovenska!
three different types of white dishes with red and black labels on the sides, all stacked together
Gunging - Sugar Spackle that Hides ALL Fondant Flaws
When fondant goes horribly wrong with cracks, tears, holes, and gouges, make all the problems disappear with Gunge! It is like spackle for your cake.
an image of how to make something out of polymer beads
Patucos faciles pequeños
baby booties Baby Boy Shower, Fimo, Baby Cupcake, Baby Booties, Fondant Cupcakes
Honey And Soy - Honey And Soy
baby booties
a cake with legos on it is decorated to look like a ninja's head
Ninjago Cake
Ninjago Cake by dulcerella, via Flickr
a cake with pink and white frosting on it that has a woman's dress made out of flowers
a blue cake decorated with an image of a boy swimming
Cakes by Kerrin
Made by Cakes by Kerrin
a three tiered cake decorated with colorful flowers and swirls on the bottom layer
Cake art: quilling!
paper quilling flowers and ladybugs are being made into wall hangings for children's room decor
Quilling with Fondant & Gum Paste
How to quill with gumpaste and fondant (My Cake School). Cute technique for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc.
the steps to make a shoe cake are made from fondant and decorated with fondant icing
a three tiered cake with pink frosting and flowers on the top, sitting on a table
i miei primi 40 anni idee per buffet, location e torta – CuciniAmO
i miei primi 40 anni idee per buffet, location e tortamanca ancora un sacco di tempo ma vorrei avere da voi qualche idea su come organizzare. normalmente siamo una 40ina di persone e per i 40 di Fabry siamo an
a drawing of a person's arm and hand with dots on it, in purple
How To Make Fondant Baby Shoes (Video Tutorial) - Happy Foods Tube
Baby Shoe Fondant Template |
a hand holding a miniature shoe with flowers on it
Фото 804208139981 из альбома ДЕКОР (на заказ). Разместила Торты - Надежда Якименко в ОК
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