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I was losing my breath by holding it for you...

i wanted that mother daughter bond all my friends had with their moms. That mother daughter bond I had with some of my friends moms. I had moms that loved me more than my own mother. & for those moms I am grateful.

Can I ever be happy again though?

"By the end of this year I want to be free of this pain, because I honestly don’t know how much longer I can carry it before it crushes me." - Ranata Suzuki * * missing you,

Love is

It hurts, I hold onto your flannel hoping that it will put me together and I just feel worst because it's yours but no longer smells like you.

but i didn't because i'm standing right in front of you but still you say nothing. -SW

Because I still have days that I break down and cry Jake. days where I don’t think I could love anyone else. days where I can actually feel the pain from losing you. I’m drowning, and you seem to be breathing better than ever

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It's who he was. This hit it on the nail. Even though it's been years i still can't let him go. Even though he's moved on and let me go with no after thought. But its time and I'm done breaking my own heart.