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Saying Yes To Her Own Gifts Print By Shiloh Sophia Mccloud


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"Embark on a journey of inspiration and creativity with our digital artwork. As a digital artist and poet, I've channeled the radiant essence of Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, and healing, to create a captivating masterpiece.  In \"Brigid's Hearth,\" the goddess emerges as a symbol of warmth, inspiration, and renewal. Her presence embodies the transformative power of creativity and the healing energy of the hearth. It's a harmonious blend of the ethereal and the sacred, perfect for


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Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild ~Our Lady Who Gives Peace 😇 #oracle #mothermary #ourlady  #divineguidance #spirituality


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I have no idea where this is but it is sad and errily Beautiful.
St Michael                                                       …

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Bad Ass Fairy New Age, Inspiration, Retro, Art, Mixed Media Collage, Doodles, Ideas, Vintage Humor, Laugh
Bad Ass Fairy
a painting with animals and birds in the snow
Of the Season: #TankaTuesday
...Shiloh Sophia McCloud
The Offering
...Shiloh Sophia McCloud
an angel ornament hanging from a tree in the snow
a painting of an angel with stars in the sky and buildings around her, on a purple background
an angel is flying over a house in the sky with stars and snow on it
a painting of an angel with stars around it
a hand holding a decorative plate with an angel on it
a decorative plate with an angel holding a lantern and a rabbit on it's back
a painting of a woman surrounded by birds and plants with her arms in the air
jane-ray on Tumblr