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a painting of a rock and a rabbit in the snow with a full moon behind it
a painting of two people dressed as santa claus and the words godjul on it
GIVEAWAY from Audrey Eclectic
three women walking in the snow carrying torches to light up the night sky with stars
an image of a christmas card with a wolf and other animals
a red beaded bracelet with words written on it and some other items in the background
Celebrating Yule & Winter Solstice
an illustrated poster with the words winter solstice and other things to eat on it
a crown made out of leaves and berries on top of a blue table cloth with purple flowers
Twelve Days of Yule
an advertisement for julbocken in the woods with a man riding on top of a goat
History of the Yule Goat | Nymla
History of the Yule Goat | Nymla on Patreon
the sun is shining through some trees in the background, and there are no leaves on it
Winter Solstice Sunrise 2015
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