Happy Lunar New Year

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a chinese new year card with an image of two animals and the words happy chinese new year
Happy Chinese New Year 2020
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a dragon statue is lit up in the night sky with red and yellow lanterns hanging from it's sides
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Happy Chinese New Year! Today marks the start of The Chinese New Year and will be celebrated across the globe by more than a billion people, making it one of the world’s biggest holidays. The Chinese New Year is based on the traditional lunar calendar, rather than the modern calendar which is now used on most countries (including China) and represents a “way of ancestors keeping track of the flow of time”. The date of the Chinese New Year changes every year as it starts after the second full ...
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an elaborately decorated mask sitting on the ground
The mighty Barong lion, danced by two men. Barong is a Protector and fights Evil, in the mythologies of Bali, Indonesia.
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a woman standing on top of a wooden bridge next to tall rock formations in the distance
a chicken sitting on top of a bowl filled with food
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Celebrate Lunar New Year with Google
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Happy Lunar New Year
Happy Lunar New Year - YouTube
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Lunar New Year 2017 Doodle - Google Doodles
Lunar New Year 2017