Mária Hozlingerová

Mária Hozlingerová

Mária Hozlingerová
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Accidental Quilt Block Tutorial

I realized I did not sew and show the block the way I originally intended when I wrote this tutorial! So I updated it with some new pictures and text.

Idea:  double the soles so the bottom yarn doesn't wear out.  More stitches on the fronts fewer at the back

Genius slipper design where you knit a short "scarf", fold and sew onto your bottom. **Cut soles from felt or even leather/suede, and crochet the fabric strip (or hell, sth that simple I can knit).

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made a bag from my Runaround Bag pattern.  I seriously still love it.

In this pattern you’ll find: step-by-step instructions with professional illustrations for making one Runaround Bag full size print-at-home pattern pieces