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Colorful Bee...what an awe inspiring artist our Creator is!

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Colorful Bee...what an awe inspiring artist our Creator is!

Horse fly - The reddish and gold bands seen here on the horse fly's eye will disappear when it dies, revealing the rich green underneath.

Horse fly - Haematopota pluvialis

Last weekend I spent at my grandparents garden. I was looking for spiders, bugs and different creatures. I saw some amazing insects, but I wasn't able to take a shot of them because they were too fast for me... :( Despite that I found some really awesome looking horse flies which expressions gave a wide smile to me... :) This shot shows one of these expressions that I want to share with you. This image is focus stacked of 3 images taken at F8 with a Pentax 28mm lens reversed on some…

Pepe Lenovo‎, Insect World· Sophisticated Vision!.

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Black garden ant eye, SEM

Black garden ant eye,SEM - Stock Image - C007/1158

Black garden ant eye. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the compound eye of a black garden ant (Lasius niger).