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Like this bed frame idea

We are big fans of pallet projects at Creativepotting and here are 10 super cool beds made out of repurposed wooden pallets that you will love to sleep on.

Bathrooms don't get much love. Let's treat them differently and have fun with it. This is the area clients must seek out.

Most restroom signage is highly-visual and thereby innately multi-lingual. This approach by design firm Hyperakt makes the message impossible to…

Free pattern day !  Denim quilts

Quilt Inspiration: Denim quilts--stunning examples and inspiration plus source links :)

Creative and Cool Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts (30) 10

T-shirt memory scarf. I have SO many extra t-shirts, unique ones I don't want to just throw away. I've made t-shirt quilts and pillows. This is a different idea for the shirts. keeping me in stitches Crafting,Crafts,DIY

Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old Denim (42) 2

Coolest Laptop Cases, Sleeves and Bags - Denim Laptop Sleeve: Creation of designer Adrian Jankowiak, this laptop sleeve is made from used denim that disguises the laptop as a pair of jeans.