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a close up of a pie on a plate with a slice missing from it and the words rhubarb dandelion pie
Rhubarb Dandelion Pie Recipe
Rhubarb Dandelion Pie Recipe
carrot fries on a white plate with ranch dip and cilantro sauce for garnish
Carrot Fries with Spicy Mayo Dipping Sauce - Bowl of Delicious
These healthy baked carrot fries are coated in seasonings and served with the most delicious spicy mayo dipping sauce! This is a great lower carb version of fries, vegan and gluten-free, with some special tricks to make them crispy.
lemon and asparagus pasta a refreshingly delicious dinner dish
Lemon and Asparagus Pasta: A Refreshingly Delicious Dinner Dish
If you're looking for an easy and delicious way to make a meal that everyone can enjoy, then this Lemon Pasta Recipe is perfect for you! With simple ingredients and minimal prep time, it's a fantastic option that can be on the table in no time and will have everyone coming back for seconds.
a mortar and pesto in a bowl with the words 3 herbs that your adrends will thank you for
10+ Creative Pesto Recipes
10+ Creative Pesto Recipes #pesto
This curry uses masala – which is a fancy word for simply a spice blend. This recipe takes an hour and a half from beginning to end but it’s really worth the wait! Fiji Food, Fijian Food, Sweet Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken Recipe, Homegrown Food, Curry Recipes Indian, Indian Chicken, Indian Curry, Masala Recipe, Curry Chicken Recipes
Traditional Fijian Indian Curry from Scratch + Masala Recipe
This curry uses masala – which is a fancy word for simply a spice blend. This recipe takes an hour and a half from beginning to end but it’s really worth the wait!
some mini quiches on a white plate
Make Custom Mini-Quiches: A Fun and Easy Crowd-Pleasing Recipe!
Mini quiches are perfect for breakfast or brunch and are simple to make. You don't need to use traditional pastry crusts - just grab a muffin tin and you can whip up delicious mini quiches that everyone in your family will love. Whether you want to add a few slices of bacon or a variety of vegetables, the possibilities are endless with mini quiches in a muffin tin - perfect for a special meal or just a simple snack.
how to make hamburger buns beautiful and easy homemade buns
Homemade Hamburger Buns Recipe
How to Make Homemade Hamburger Buns: 15 minutes of hands-on time to make easy and delicious buns for burgers, pulled pork, and more.
two glasses filled with lemonade sitting on top of a metal tray next to sliced lemons
Honey Lemonade Recipe | The Prairie Homestead
Honey-Sweetened Lemonade (or Limeade)
some strawberries and other fruits on a table with the words 30 unique rhubarb recipes
30 Unique Rhubarb Recipes
Not sure what to do with all that rhubarb? There are so many amazing rhubarb dishes you can make that are sure to please everyone you serve it to.
some eggs are sitting in bowls on a table with the words 50 ways to use those extra eggs
50+ Ways to Use Extra Eggs • The Prairie Homestead
50+ Ways to Use Extra Eggs
How to eat seasonally and locally child in blue shirt holding bunch of freshly harvested red radishes Freeze Pizza Dough, Eating Seasonally, Seasonal Eating, Making Homemade Pizza, Eat Seasonal, Pizza Recipes Dough, Seasonal Food, In Season Produce, Locally Grown
How to eat seasonally and locally PLUS the best seasonal eating cookbooks!
Learn how to eat seasonally and locally year round with these tips for sourcing local seasonal food. Find out the best seasonal eating cookbooks to inspire your seasonal eating reipces throught the year. Seasonal eating in winter and seasonal eating in fall are a little trickier but find out a variety of ways we keep eating seasonally and locally in winter and fall when produce is less abundant.
pickled garlic scapes recipe on a cutting board
How to Make Pickled Garlic Scapes
How to pickle Garlic Scapes. Here's recipes for pickling green spicy Garlic Scapes. Quick and easy to make you can store in fridge or water bath can for your food storage. #recipe #pickles #garlic #garlicscape #ferment #homesteadsurvival #growyourownfood
how to make and freeze hashbrowns save $ 5, make your own in 3 easy steps
How to Make & Freeze Hash Browns
Buy potatoes in bulk? Freeze them into hash browns before they sprout. Plus you'll save money and skip the gross additives found in store bought hash browns. | Prepare & Nourish || #potatoes #hashbrowns #freezerfriendly
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grilled asparagus recipe easy to make and so delicious grilled asparagus spears in a grill basket on a grill Asparagus On The Grill, Grilled Asparagus Recipe, Recipe Asparagus, Grilled Asparagus Recipes, Grill Basket, Steamed Asparagus, Eat Fresh, Lemon Butter Sauce, Garden Vegetables
Easy Grilled Asparagus Recipe
This grilled asparagus recipe is easy to make and so delicious! Making grilled asparagus on the grill is a great summer recipe to enjoy fresh asparagus. This is one of our family's favorite grilling recipes and ways to eat fresh asparagus.