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a blue skirt hanging on a wooden door
The Sleeve Length Can Be Stitched Like This
Crafting meets fashion in our DIY clothing guides. Get ready to make stunning, budget-friendly outfits. Explore with me! Hit follow and share your discoveries in the comments! 🌄💬
two blue pillows with red thread on them and the words how to sew an invisible stitch
a red and white heart hanging on the side of a door
Make a Simple Hanging Heart
three heart shaped ornaments hanging from strings on a wooden table with the words schnittmuster herz
Schnittmuster für ein Herz selber machen | Unterwegs ist das Ziel
Herz nähen, aber kein Drucker? Mach Dir dein Schnittmuster selber. Du kannst nicht zeichnen, kein Problem
a baby crib with stuffed animals hanging from it's sides and on the bed
Mobile mit selbstgenähten Tieren - Cuchikind
Mobile mit selbstgenähten Tieren - Cuchikind
Sewing Tricks and Tips
Adjust Jeans Length
Easy sewing hacks that will be useful to everyone!