Slow Stitching/Sewing

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a quilted wall hanging with a house in the snow
a person is sewing on some fabric with scissors and lace around it, surrounded by other items
TUTORIAL/CREATE WITH ME - Slow stitching #3
an old piece of cloth has been stitched together
What is slow stitching? The mindful DIY craft you need to try.
a close up of a piece of cloth with embroidery on it and flowers in the middle
Five Reasons to Slow Stitch
some scissors and thread are laying next to a piece of fabric with flowers on it
Slow-Stitching and Ponderings
a piece of cloth with blue and white flowers in vases on the wall next to it
My Indigo Kitchen, a slow-stitching workshop — House Wren Studio
a close up of a table cloth with flowers and laces on it, as well as buttons
Lisa's Work - Slow Stitching by Lisa Mattock