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a sculpture made out of wires and other items
a large white object with metal legs on a gray surface and one leg bent down
Something from something
an old machine is hanging from a wire on the wall with wires attached to it
katoya on Twitter
the instructions for making a miniature tree with moss and glue are shown in this article
Modeling Great Trees from scratch!
The Art of Todd Gamble: Modeling Great Trees from scratch!
a small tree sitting on top of a box next to a window sill in a room
By Andrey Kuzminykh. Birch.Summer.
a blue glass plate with a map in the shape of a body of water on it
Gallery of "Coral Frontiers" Proposes System of Coral-Remediating Platforms to Save Islanders' Culture - 1
an octopus attacking a ship in the ocean with other fish swimming around and on it's side
Crack on Kraken
a model ship in a glass display case on a wooden base with sand underneath it
a model airplane is in the water with it's landing gear down and its wings out