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a clear box with an image of a white spiral in it's center on a black background
arsvitaest: “David Spriggs, Tempest, 2009, white paint on layered transparencies inside a display case ”
an orange object in a clear box on a white surface with light coming through it
a glass box with red and white clouds in the sky behind it on a black background
david spriggs
a glass block sitting on top of a wooden floor in front of a black wall
a red circle is in the middle of an acrylic box
a yellow object in a white box on a black surface with light coming from it
a sculpture of a bird on top of a table
Philip Wakeham
a clock made out of metal and wood on top of a wooden shelf in front of a gray wall
Mechanations: Historical Machines Exploded into Individual Components in Sculptures by John A. Peralta — Colossal
three different views of the inside of a glass case with scissors and wire in it
Crocheted Wire Anatomy by Anne Mondro — Colossal
a wooden object with blue and brown designs on it's sides sitting on a wood floor
Greg Gallegos (@naturalselectionstudio) • Instagram photos and videos
three glass cases with different designs on the top and bottom, each containing an insect
Rock Sculptures Suspended Within Bell Jars by Their Own Weight by Dan Grayber — Colossal
Rock Sculptures Suspended Within Bell Jars by Their Own Weight by Dan Grayber
a glass case with legos in it on top of a wooden base and a white background
Intricate Gizmos That Do Nothing but Hold Themselves Up
-word disquisition on the construction of Cavity Mechanism #12, the blue one that looks like a Hoberman sphere, outlining a process that inc...