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a paper plate with blue hands and yellow eyes on top of a spider web design
Fall Playdough Mats & Other Fall Activities
10 Free Fall Playdough Mats
three pictures with animals on them hanging from the wall
Juf Rita pcbs 't Mozaïek :: jufritapcbsmozaiek
four pictures of cows painted on paper with grass
Apex Elementary Art
For whatever reason... I just love this! Some ideas: students could either draw a cow or 2 other animals. A farm unit for harvest time or for spring time and the hatchlings! 1/2 animal (portrait) 1/2 habitat (landscape). 1.5 months since class time is 30-45 minutes.
a woman doing yoga poses with the instructions to do it on her stomach and back
Gross Motor Activities Flashcards - Girl Set One - Primary Treasure Chest
Gross Motor Activities Themed Flashcards - Boy Set One
six different trays with pictures and cards on them
Montessori Inspired Bird Unit Activities for Preschoolers
the birdhouse ten frames is being held up by a child's hand with colored blocks in front of it
Birdhouse Ten Frames
Nature, Ideas, Spring Lesson Plans, Spring Activities, Spring Preschool, Preschool Themes
Spring Theme Activities in Preschool
one to one correspondence for spring activity with jelly beans and an owl on the tree
FREE Birds Nest Spring Activity
the bird nest number match game is shown
Bird Nest Number Match - Frogs and Fairies
an image of a bird and shapes to make it look like they are in the air
Shapes Bird Craft
the parts of a bird worksheet
Label and color the parts of a bird