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the floor plan for an apartment building with different colors and shapes, including pinks, blue
XARDÍN DAS PÍAS | Allaríz Spain | Aurora Armental Ruiz & Stefano Ciurlo Walker
three maps with different colored squares and lines on them, each showing the same area
Andreas Ensemble
a night time view of a backyard with fire pit and patio furniture
an artist's rendering of a backyard with landscaping
an aerial view of a garden with trees and plants
the plant life cycle is shown in several different colors and sizes, including oranges, yellows, and purples
Gallery of Novartis Physic Garden / Thorbjörn Andersson + Sweco Architects - 41
a poster with different types of flowers and their names in english, spanish, and french
3rd set
a stone path leading to a house with trees in the foreground and bushes on either side
Wohnhaus W, Haslau — Kramer and kramer