Nadežda Durcová
Nadežda Durcová
Nadežda Durcová

Nadežda Durcová

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Gotta go practice my viola for the day !

Viola da Gamba Jakob Stainer

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair

With a baby who grabs your hair by the fistful and a toddler who loves to put his/her sticky hands all over you, keeping it down just doesn't make any sense. So, why not make a messy bun? It is the first choice for a new mum, more than just convenient—it's stylish! #hairstyles #longhairtips

Beautiful Gypsy Vanner with outstanding pinto pattern!

hughhighlander: “ via valais wallis fb. hugh highlander ”

Mystical Spanish Forests Captured In Enchanting Photos By Guillermo Carballa | Bored Panda

TOP 10 Book-Story Magical Places on Earth

Old Mill, Black Forest, Germany.This place, the food, the history, the's a magical step back into time.

Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (23 photos)

It's a lovely place Jordyn!-Brad More

The Fairies blessing the Moors.