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Basically the whole story of Naruto next is Bolt

Minato and Kushina. Oh my god, the one with Minato and Kishina and baby Naruto! D ': I love it how it starts with the young troublemaker, Naruto. And end's with Naruto's son, Boruto or Bolt being the troublemaker when Naruto was the same age. But is ther

Sai x Ino & Sasusaku

ysue-chan: “Hi Sarada ~ ^^ Team 7 reunion still waiting for Naruto [ he’s a busy man tho ], Yamato and Kakashi to arrive.

Sonic Boom by Unichrome-uni on deviantART | Tails. He's so cute!

Why couldn't they make sonic boom like this? Idk there's something different about this compared to the sonic boom cartoon. And I like it how knuckles isn't a weird buff guy.