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I find this amazing I don't know why

Holy crap, the awesome cannot be described. Are You Watching Closely? // Season 3 Sherlock Fan-Made Trailer. Prestige Dialogue x Season 2 Ending. **Spoiler Alert for Season 2 Ending**

sherlock sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock my graphics tv: sherlock this sucks idk why sometimes i attempt to graphic i spent like half an hour - an hour on this and it doesnt look like i did c: consulting detective


love his eyes - Colin is such an incredibly expressive actor. His character inhabits his whole being, even his eyes - just like Frodo.


Why is CBS ordering a modern-day Sherlock Homes TV pilot when the BBC (and PBS) already have an award-wining 'Sherlock' series? It's 'Elementary,' my dear Watson.

So it's you - you're Emrys

Emrys - one of my favourite scenes, due to the character realisation for Merlin in his confidence, strength of power and therefore fear of his own self.