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Des mains unies quelque soient leurs origines c'est le meilleur chemin pour refaire de la terre, un paradis

the inner science nerd is so happy right now. and the inner photography freak sighs in happiness. A brain made of fingers?


These people are holding signs that are general stereotypes towards their race. Whether people believe these things or not, they have a drastic impact on an individuals life. Stereotypes is an oversimplified fixed idea of an individual.

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"A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality.

How this campaign is using stunning photos of Muslim women to fight Islamophobia

'I Am Muslim' - An Initiative To Address Islamophobia from People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty - PASSOP

Labels are for clothes

LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES, NOT PEOPLE The world would be a different place if people didn’t have labels. And it would be a very very very different place if clothes did not have labels.

Inspiration 2 : Labels are for clothes not for human

I think most people identify homosexuals as only being "GAY" but people shouldn't have labels.I really don't like labels. I mean who cares if you're straight, gay, whatever there's just really no point to them. LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES!

Author, American Studies prof, Unitarian Universalist, beer lover, alto. Not necessarily in that order

I came across some interesting thoughts on unisex fashion in "Looking Good", published in The author, Clara Pierre, was writing from the perspective of an industry insider observing what she.

Les stéréotypes du genre que nous portons tous en nous. Etes-vous bien certains que votre perception des autres n'est pas biaisée ? Voici un outil très utile pour en avoir le coeur net !

Stereotypes serve a purpose; to process information fast, but when it is the sole base to make judgements from, it narrows perception.