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Serotonin Boost - Little Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect For Your First Ink - Photos

Serotonin tattoo (the chemical in your body that produces happiness) as an anxiety reminder that I'm not anxious when I'm happy and making other people happy

No but seriously, all the historic art pieces of naked women was literally objectifying them. A man had "Status" if he had a painting of a naked woman in his house, it showed he had power and "owned" that woman's body.

Kristen Bell, you rock. And some people don't want to have kids, and they shouldn't be shamed into having them.

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every person deserves to be supported and you're not supporting true equal rights if you pick and choose who gets support and who doesn't

The actual definition of feminist is one who believes in equality for all. There are no exclusions.

Society has a really big problem with seeing female rapists/sexual assaulters for what they are when it involves a male. This is not okay. This boy deserves the same justice and treatment as the girl who had to defend herself against her father for the same crime. This is part of what feminism is about; justice for this boy.

All victims deserve justice. Patriarchy punishes males "weak" enough to be victims.

Don't have to be pretty to be valuable

let me correct you: """pretty""" as in society's pov. everyone is pretty irl.

Male privilege is getting to openly display your breasts while simultaneously oversexualizing female breasts + shaming THEM for displaying theirs. Because no, female breasts are NOT sexual. Breasts are secondary sex characteristics, traits that distinguish gender. Y'know what else is? The Adam's apple. Cover up boyz, nobody wants to see that

I never wore shorts in high school cause I was always afraid of getting dress coded. I'm glad high school is over, but wearing shorts is still difficult.