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three different types of skin care products on top of each other, including creams and lotions
Work for Cocokind Skincare by Jurada Studio
Work for Cocokind Skincare by Jurada Studio #stilllife #skincare #consciousbeauty #beauty #minmal #coconut #raspberry #pink #creativestudio #art #photography #artdirection
the corporate identity mockup is designed to be used for advertising
23 Free Sets Of Branding/Identity Mockup Templates (PSD) To Present Your Company In a Modern Way - Designbeep
#free identity #branding psd mockup
the back side of an electronic device with multiple screens
Persian Gulf | Corporate Identity
Creating a Business Brand Identity isn’t a time consuming work. All you need to do would be to maintain your logo style and corporate identity constant and trustworthy. Consistency of a logo style is essential for the company, nobody will keep in mind your business in the event you often alter the image. It’s exactly the same as altering the brand identity.
an image of some type of paper with different designs on it, including black and white circles
Brand Identity Studio Maarten Deckers
Maarten Deckers by Maarten Deckers, via Behance #identity #packaging #branding PD
a bunch of different lines that are on top of each other in the same color scheme
Corporate Identity commissioned for Kupua, an upcoming event management company specialized in love catering. Despite their specialization, the client asked for a logo that didn't transmit immediately the idea of "love" to allow for future expansion of the company as an event planning company. Enjoy