Boho braid crown: This gorgeous half-up style incorporates twisted braids while letting hair cascade down — and it only takes a handful of minutes to master. Whether you have short or long locks, this easy breezy summer style will work for you and can be worn from day to night.

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DIY: Make a do-it-yourself wallpaper-roll pencil holder. Take wallpaper rolls, glue them with a hot glue gun into a pyramid and voilà!—you have a pen/pencil holder!

10 Tips for Decorating & Organizing Your Dorm Room

Stack-able storage! I'm so going to make this out of old soup cans and use at my desk or at the writing center. This would be perfect in the writing center!

Should be a mandatory invitation insert

Love the song request idea! Add a Song Request card to send back with your RSVP then the music playlist will be what everyone wants to listen to!

super easy and quick DIY Popsicle Party Invitations. Adorable!!

DIY Popsicle Party Invitations

Heart Garland + MORE Valentine Decoration Ideas-Using 8×12 (standard size) card stock paper and cutting them in strips. Probably about 1 inch strips or 1 1/2 inch. Then just using a stapler. Super easy!!

Diy paper heart chain perfect for valentines day or a bedroom decoration

Diy Great Birthday Card

LOVE this cupcake card! Clever handmade cupcake birthday card using an actual paper cupcake holder and candle.

21 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

21 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Fun Crafts To Do With A Hot Glue Gun | Best Hot Glue Gun Crafts, DIY Projects and Arts and Crafts Ideas Using Glue Gun Sticks | Popsicle Sticks and Hot Glue Gun Mini Pallet Coasters |

38 Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Make With A Glue Gun

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DIY candle holder Needed; Super Glue or Hot Glue Gun Old CD or DVD

DIY Candle Holder Made with CD and Old Marbles. Beautiful candle holder made with a CD and some old marbles.

How to wrap cardboard letter with hot glue gun and twine or jute

It's been awhile since I've posted! With Andrew on an away rotation for his residency, it's actually been harder to stay motivated, eat s.